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United through Education Project

Rancho de los Ninos Orphanage

March for Mothers works in strengthening a community’s capacity by securing a foundation built upon nutritional literacy and organic farming to all the children at these orphanages. Every month March for Mothers joins the Flying Samaritans of UCSD down to various orphanages teaching a full days’ worth of one hour classes educating children of all ages’ different life skills and trades. MFM goal at the Rancho de los Ninos site is to bring the 5 acres of unused farm land back to life for the children to use for educational purposes which will also provide them with an opportunity to live off the land creating direct access to healthier daily meals. March for Mothers will be building a juicing station in the orphanages main lobby so they can teach these children how to juice their organic fruits and vegetables that they harvest from the land.

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