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A Child’s Health

March for Mothers is beginning to have an extensive international health presence, and strong partnerships with governments and non-governmental organizations at national and community levels. On a daily basis we work to bring practical solutions to the women and children at greatest risk. March for Mothers knows what it takes to ensure the survival and health of children and women.

March for Mothers approaches all threats to child health – and there are many – with extensive experience, efficient logistics and creativity.

March for Mother’s vision for health systems

March for Mothers envisions a strong health system as one which includes preventive and promote services and curative care, supports family practices, and produces equitable health, nutrition and development outcomes for infants, children, adolescents and women of reproductive age. Health systems should be gender responsive and deliver integrated service packages of appropriate quality for all children and women, regardless of their location, sex, ethnicity, language or religion. Strong health systems should serve all levels of society and be accountable to local populations, nations and the global community.

Health systems can serve as a platform to deliver health, nutrition, WASH, diabetes and other services that provide a foundation for early child development. They should explicitly strive to close the gap in access to these services for the most disadvantaged children and women, to ensure UHC, and improved and equitable health and nutrition outcomes. Health systems should also explicitly include community-level disease surveillance and control, enabling countries to be accountable to the International Health Regulations for global health security, and should be resilient during public health emergencies.

March for Mothers health systems strengthening approach

MFM’s approach involves activities at all levels, acknowledging the importance of community engagement and sub-national management capacity to the overall performance of the health system. It focuses on the most disadvantaged. Activities build on MFM’s mandate, capacity, priorities and comparative advantages. They are guided by a results-based approach that includes situation analysis, followed by the stepwise identification of priorities and resolution of bottlenecks to effective coverage of health services, for the achievement of health outcomes.

March for Mothers work is implemented under the general framework of its cooperation agreements with host governments. In all contexts, MFM partners closely with agencies with leading roles in the health sector.

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